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In the times of "fast pace" on Social Media we built a virtual exhibition for your daily inspiration. We want to keep film alive. Welcome to the loadfilm journey.

We don't own the rights of the photographs.

All rights to the photos belong to the photographer who is tagged.

© Maurice Pehle (Leica M6 + Portra 400)

What's "load film"?

"Load film" refers to the process of inserting a roll of film into a camera so that it can be used to capture photographs. In film photography, the film comes in a long, narrow roll that is enclosed in a light-tight canister. To use the film, it must be loaded into the camera in a way that ensures it is properly threaded through the film transport mechanism.

The process of loading film can vary depending on the type of camera being used, but typically involves opening the camera back, inserting the film canister, and then threading the film leader onto a spool or sprocket within the camera. Once the film is securely loaded, the camera can be advanced to the first frame and the photographer is ready to begin taking photographs.

Loading film is a critical step in the film photography process, as any errors or mistakes made during loading can result in ruined or unusable photographs. It is important to follow the instructions for loading film carefully and to ensure that the camera is loaded in a clean, dust-free environment to minimize the risk of damage to the film.

Now it's time to loadmore.


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