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shoot your shot!

Welcome to the loadfilm journey.

Thanks for being a part of our lovely community.


In the times of "fast pace" on Social Media we built a virtual exhibition for your daily inspiration. We want to keep film alive.

In our daily selection of analog images, which also contribute to a consistent seamless feed in our profile, we place high importance on carousel postings. These involve choosing a common theme to feature multiple people from the community together.


By using our hashtag #loadfilm and tagging @loadfilm in their posts, we receive a large number of daily submissions from which we can choose the best. Anyone can participate and be seen. However, due to the high volume, we cannot guarantee that everyone will be featured.

In addition to daily curation, we give several people a story shoutout by featuring one of their posts. The positive effect is that the loadfilm community can directly access the respective post and show some love through likes, comments, or follows.


We introduced this quiz to showcase community images in our story and to entertain people in a playful way. As the name suggests, the game involves selecting the correct film stock used to create an image (or two) from two given options. Test your analog knowledge with our game.

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