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Film type: Color negative Film

Format: Roll film 120

Sensitivity: ISO 100/21°


For over three decades, Fujifilm has been the market leader, both technologically and in terms of sales, in the field of color slide film. It has consistently supplied photographers with color slide film, even during challenging market times, standing as the sole manufacturer.


With the Provia 100F, Fujifilm has set the benchmark for color-neutral, natural-toned color slide films:

The Provia 100F Professional (RDP III) is a medium-speed daylight reversal film ISO 100/21° with exceptionally fine grain, outstanding sharpness and resolution, naturally vivid color reproduction, extensive tonal reproduction, and extremely neutral gray balance. It exhibits Fujifilm's characteristic excellent differentiation of green tones and outstanding reproduction of sky blue (perfect for landscape photography).


Whether used in portrait, fashion, landscape, architecture, product and advertising photography, travel, still-life, or night photography, the Provia 100F consistently delivers excellent results due to its well-balanced, neutral-natural color reproduction and perfect rendering of fine details. It's a true all-around film.


Another advantage of Provia 100F is its excellent flexibility in terms of usable sensitivity range, from Exposure Index (EI) 50/18° to 400/27°:

It produces excellent results when exposed at EI 50/18° or 64/19° with corresponding pull development. This is optimal, for example, for reducing contrast in situations with very high subject contrast. If higher sensitivity is needed, Provia 100F can easily be exposed at EI 200/24° and developed with a corresponding push-1 process, yielding excellent results. Even exposure at EI 400/27° with a push-2 development allows for good results.


Fujichrome Provia 100F has the widest exposure latitude among color slide films and is the most affordable color slide film on the market, providing an excellent price-performance ratio.


An absolute unique feature of Provia 100F is its perfect reciprocity behavior: No correction is required for exposure times up to 128 seconds (just over 2 minutes)! This makes Provia the optimal solution for long-exposure photography. No other color film comes close to this level of performance; Provia 100F is in a "class of its own" in this regard.


Compared to Kodak Ektachrome E100, Provia 100F stands out with visibly better edge sharpness, higher resolution, and a slightly larger exposure latitude. Both films have similar grain characteristics, but Ektachrome E100 tends to be cooler (bluer) in color compared to Provia 100F.

Typical of color slide films, Provia 100F surpasses all color negative films on the market in parameters such as edge sharpness, resolution, graininess, and color brilliance.


The Provia 100F 120 roll film, like all Fujifilm color roll films, features unique features such as the Easy-Loading System, Easy-End-Seal System, and Barcode System, making handling much easier.


General Color Slide Film Tip:

Since color slide film produces a positive image in perfect quality after development, without the need for scanning or printing on photo paper (as with color negative film), the cost per finished result/positive image with color slide film is often lower than with color negative film.

Fuji Provia 100F (120)

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